How to book a multi-city flight in 5 easy steps

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If you have time to spare but no money to burn and you love air travel, you can use a simple trick to see multiple destinations on a limited budget. It’s called booking multi-city flights. Here are 5 easy steps that will teach you how to do it:

Discover the benefits of a multi-city flight

If you don’t know yet what a multi-city flight is, you have probably wasted a lot of money on your previous multi-stop vacations.

A multi-city flight allows you to travel to multiple destinations on a single ticket. It is a great, cost-efficient alternative for travelers that do not have enough money to move freely, or for those who like circuit traveling like a tour of European capital cities.

Booking a multi-city flight is not as pleasant if you have a limited time to vacation or if you are traveling with children and pets. During this kind of traveling, you will spend a lot of time in airports, going through multiple security checks and other routines that the little ones might find excruciatingly boring.

Furthermore, it is advisable to book your trip from the same entity, otherwise you may run into troubles. What does that mean? Well, let us assume one of the flights is late or cancelled. That would make it impossible for your to catch the next flight. So you are losing it. Then you have to book again! Imagine that when you are travelling with kids or family, and imagine the price when buying the last tickets in the plane. You have to go through a lot of hassle.

When you book through a single entity, whether is a air-company or a travel agency that knows what it is doing, they will offer you alternatives, without extra-charge. Otherwise, you will be lost.

Luckily, companies like Airclaim could help you claim a compensation that should equal your loss, somethimes even more. But you still have to go through hell in order to arrive at your destination.

Decide upon a route

Depending on the budget that you have and the cities that you want to see you can decide upon a multi-city route.

For example, if you are traveling around Europe you can start in Edinburgh, and then fly to London before reaching the continent in Paris or Berlin.  It is preferable to target large cities because they have more than one big airport, so there are numerous flight alternatives at reasonable prices.

Do your due diligence

Before you move on with the booking process, you should do your due diligence and plan out your trip so that you will expose your vacation to as fewest complications as possible.

For example, you should take into consideration that one or more of your flights could be delayed or canceled. Such an event can destroy your trip if you do not have a contingency plan.

Your best backup solution is to employ the services of a professional company that can help you claim compensation for your troubles. You already have a limited budget that pushes you to buy multi-city flights, so you have a good case that may get you a healthy reimbursement.

Search for flights

Now that you have your route planned out and a solid backup plan, it is time to search for the flights. This step of the process may be time-consuming, but also the most exciting one.

To find the best multi-city flights, you will need to become a master of filtering your searches. You can do this on most booking apps or travel fare aggregators.

Book flights until you drop

Once you find a flight that fits into your traveling schedule, you should book it as part of a multi-city trip. Try to put your dates as flexible as possible to find the best deals on prices, connections and waiting periods. Remember, this kind of traveling is best done during long summer vacation.